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My main goal with their design revamp was to rethink their existing brand identity and refine it by accompanying it with the updated visuals and making it consistent throughout. As well as updating the visuals, my priority was to ensure that users would be able to manage and navigate through the updated dashboard with ease, making the experience more stream-lined and overall more accessible throughout. My work for HubRocket was targeted towards their client-facing dashboard/management application. When I started out my immediate concern was to streamline the experience as much as possible without it feeling too much like a new app for their existing client-base. A part of that process also included a significant update to their visuals, refining their brand to better match these visuals to keep a consistent look and feel throughout the application.

For HubRocket, the chat had to done right. At the heart of the application, the chat is gateway to the customer, so I set out to give it a familiar layout that's been adopted in many chat apps and services. Often times a client might be dealing with multiple chats at once, so everything had to be easy to read and access at a quick glance, making the difference in multi-tasking situations.

Visitors are crucial to any business, they drive traffic and help shape it. For HubRocket I wanted business owners and clients to get a "big-picture" view of who exactly is viewing and visiting their sites, making it easy to monitor and view important user information that can be vital for a business to make the right choices.