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In 2016 I joined Konnect to work as the Lead Designer to help built up a brand and a lasting product that would serve it's users in a familiar yet refreshing way. My overall goal for Konnect was to create a recognisable brand that didn't rely too heavily on any single theme, as being linked to a game industry it could easily be linked to one aspect or another so my effects for the brand were to a create a minimalist yet recognisable image that users could quickly identify with as the Konnect brand. 

This neutral yet impactful brand idea was carried through the design process in creating the application, which is aimed at providing users with a familiar interface found in most contemporary games with it's own twist.

Ahead of the launch of Konnect, we wanted to put together a landing page to help highlight some of the key features of Konnect. I broke them down into modular sections to better present each feature and give it it's own area. Alongside the landing page and various other graphical elements I am also working on the application itself. More details on that will be coming when that is ready.

Konnect website landing page design