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TV & Film

The Goal

Netflix is the world's largest streaming platform but I felt like the netflix player, arguably one of the most important aspects of it was in need of some quality of life adjustments and style tweaks to make it overall a better tool to use. To do that I wanted to answer one simple question — what I would want as a consumer from an updated design to the Netflix player? The answer was simple, an easier way to navigate content with all the tools that allow me to enjoy it the best.

The player. At the centre of all your media, the netflix player needs to be easy to use without much thought. The overall layout, icon choice and spacing play a role in how a user interacts and instantly identifies with it.
‍Get a greater view at the current season without any spoilers and quickly navigate between seasons
‍Select your the best quality available by monitoring your connection status along with the much needed ability to disable autoplaying episodes

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