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Social Media

I use Reddit regularly and while it functions well I wanted to take on a little challenge and with the release of their official mobile app I wanted to help unify the existing website's interface with the updated reddit mobile app.

A new style, inspired by the official reddit app, which features many style and branding updates that are used throughout the design. Although with a much needed visual update, a few UX enhancements have been made in an attempt to bring Reddit upto modern web design and design standards without compromising on the foundations of reddit. This project is part of my Redesign a Product for 2016 and was done so purely as a design exercise.

Subscriptions right at your finger tips. Reddit was founded back in 2005, a full decade before major changes in web design, how we approve design the modern emphasis on UX were ever a consideration. The site was built to function, with masses of user content to sif through - reddit's dated style has served them well over the years and as it continues to grow the importance of updating it's aging design choices or lack of are quite noticeable in modern design.

Subscriptions or subreddits are the foundation of reddit, they're what segregate content and help users refine their interests in topics they care about so you would imagine they're easily accessible right? Well yes and no, accessing your list of subreddits isn't a difficult process, but for some users finding them can be a challenge especially without the use of the Reddit Enhancement Suite, a browser extension that adds a lot of functionality and utility to reddit, such as bookmarking subreddits making them accessible anywhere, anytime.

My solution takes what the extension built upon and dresses it up a bit. The new subscriptions would be accessible from anywhere, making it much easier for a wider range of users to quickly find and identify what sub they want to go without searching for too long or simply typing in the URL.