Finding friends and people to play video games with shouldn't be hard and Konnect doesn't think it should be either. A new app set to make filling up squads and parties of people you can screen first as easy as possible.


Konnect is trying to tackle a complicated issue that hasn't really been explored yet and that is to create easy ways to find and meet new people specifically for game related purposes.

On the surface it's a relatively simple concept but with the complexities of video games and the endless amount of options available it was my job to figure out how best to build an experience that was intuitive and feature-rich giving people full control over how they want to set up their lobbies.

The main emphasis on the app is gaming and finding people to play games with but there are also some light social networking aspects I had to consider to tie it all together into one seamless experience that would ultimately make the intention and process of the app easier for the user.

Play Screen

Lobby set-up

The core of the app is built around two key experiences Host and Play. Hosting a game is what it sounds like. You set up a Lobby with your defined options where it will then become publicly available for anyone to look up.

When in the planning and early design stages it was important look to the gaming industry for inspiration on the important aspects of the app, from terminology to certain UI and layout conventions to help appeal and accommodate gamers.


Chat is a key aspect of any social application so it's important it's familiar and accessible which is what I have achieved here.