A content delivery network where users can post about things from the latest world news right down to their very own life stories


The Goal

Randm aims to bridge the gap between popular content sources such as YouTube and Reddit, allowing for multimedia content to be delivered is an easy-to-read and user-friendly way.

The "meat" of randm is the front page. Divided into two main content areas the feed and the sidebar called "the river"

Randm's content is broken down into two sections to better illustrate the types of content it displays. The main section, the more traditional approach to a content network oftens posts based on popularity from various communities the user is following. The sidebar or "river" is tailored to real-time posts from your followers. By splitting the content types allowed for a simplisitc two-column layout without losing out on the important information that the user needs.

‍Create your own community that is dedicated to any subject you like with full control